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  • Students desirous to join hostel should apply for the same on the prescribed form. Admission forms for hostel must have photos and signatures of parents and local guardians.
  • 12.5% seats are reserved for Scheduled Caste and 5% for Scheduled Tribes.

Hostel Rules

(i) Mess is managed on contract basis on the rate contract duly approved by the Principal and the Hostel Mess Committee at the time of commencement of new session.

(ii) Each student has to bring health certificate at the time of admission to the hostel.

(iii) Students must not bring costly Jewellery or keep excessive money with them. No complaint regarding any loss shall be entertained

(iv) Students are expected to bring with them their bedding, bed linen, books, a tumbler, two plates, a spoon and a tube light.

(v) The hostel students are not permitted the use of any private electrical appliances, radio etc. In case of default, the electrical appliance will be confiscated from the defaulter to be returned only when she leaves the hostel.

(vi) The Principal reserves the right of censorship of all correspondence, if felt necessary.

(vii) Normally no student will be allowed to go out of city except on second Saturday and that too with the permission of Parents/Guardians/Principal and she must reach back hostel in time.

(viii) Parents/Guardians must write to the Principal for permission before hand in case they want to take their daughters home during the session.

(ix) Students are required to take meals in the Dining Room in proper dress. No student can bring food to her room.

Visitor’s Days                                                 ….  Thursday and Sunday

Timings                                                           …. (i) 5.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m (Thursdays)     

                                                                             (ii) 10.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m  and 3.00 p.m to 5.30 pm (Sundays)

Visiting days and time will be strictly observed.


Visitors and leave from Hostel

(i) At the time of admission, each admitted student is required to bring an approved list of visitors (Local and Outsiders) from their Parents/Guardians duly signed along with their photographs.

(ii) No student is allowed to see a visitor without the permission of either Principal or the Hostel Superintendent.

(iii) No guest paying or otherwise can be accommodated in the student’s room.

(iv) Students are not allowed to spend nights out of the hostel unless permitted by the Parents/Guardians.

(v) Students are allowed to go out for shopping in groups of not less than four on every Saturday from 10.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M. Persistent late arrivals from shopping or locals will be dealt with in the following manner:

Ist Attempt            :Warning and written intimation to        Parents/Guardians.

2nd Attempt           : Written Intimation to Parents/Guardians to see the Principal Personally

                                                                        3rd Attempt           : Expulsion from the hostel

(vi) The permission for pictures, outings, concerts etc, shall be granted at the discretion of the Hostel Superintendent.

(vii) No student is allowed to enter hostel during class hours except sickness or has a signed chit from her class teacher or Hostel Superintendent.

(viii) For the upkeep of the general tidiness, cleanliness, no student shall be allowed to leave the hostel on the last Sunday of the month.

  1. The Hostel students going out to the Parents/Local Guardians must get a ‘Pass’ before they leave and return this ‘Pass’ back to the Hostel Superintendent on their return duly signed by the Parents/Local Guardians. These signatures will be matched with the signatures on Hostel Admission Forms.